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Transfer Switch, Automatic | 200A Service Entrance Rated Upgradeable Integrated Meter

Model Number: RBU200A3

200A Service Entrance Rated Upgradable Integrated Meter Transfer Switch

This Upgradeable Integrated Meter transfer switch is designed as a low-cost solution for home builders to create an easily upgradeable setup, making the home generator-ready. This design meets NEC® emergency disconnect requirements, featuring a meter socket and the space to upgrade to an automatic transfer switch. When upgraded to include the transfer switch mechanism, the integrated load management technology allows up to four individual HVAC loads to be managed with no additional accessories required.


Before selecting this switch, you must verify that it is approved by your local Utility Service Provider.

Service Entrance Rated

A service entrance disconnect is a device that interrupts excessive voltage and allows for manually disconnecting your home or business from the electrical utility.

Integrated Meter Socket

Switches featuring the integrated meter are designed to be an all-in-one solution, and have a smaller footprint than installations with a separate meter base and transfer switch.

5-Year Limited Warranty

We stand by our high-quality, innovative product design with a strong 5-year limited warranty.

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