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Transfer Switch, Automatic | 200A Service Entrance Rated | with SPD

Model Number: RXSW200A3SPD

Transfer Switch, Automatic | 200A Service Entrance Rated | With SPD

Designed with whole-home coverage in mind, these outdoor/indoor enclosure and service entrance rated switches have built in load management using the Smart AC Module and Generac's factory installed Surge Protection Device.

A Surge Protection Device, or SPD, protects sensitive electronics like computers, TVs, tablets, etc. from damaging power surges or spikes. In addition, NEC2020/23 Article 230.67 states “a Type 1 or Type 2 surge protection device (SPD) is required to be installed on dwelling unit services. The SPD may be integral to or adjacent to the electrical service. Additionally, an SPD will be required when an existing service is replaced."

Intelligent Load Management

Manage up to four HVAC loads with no additonal hardware needed, providing a more efficient system, and allowing you to reduce the size of the generator needed to protect your home.

NEMA 3R Outdoor Rated Enclosure

Designed to give options as to whether to install indoors or outdoors, this enclosure protects the internal components of the switch from rain, snow, ice, and debris.

5-Year Limited Warranty

We stand by our high-quality, innovative product design with a strong 5-year limited warranty.

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