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Transfer Switch, Automatic | 150A Service Entrance Rated | Integrated Meter

Model Number: RXUW150A3

150A Service Entrance Rated Integrated Meter Transfer Switch

Combining the meter socket and the automatic transfer switch, this Integrated Meter Service Entrance rated transfer switch is designed to be an all-in-one design that meets NEC® emergency disconnect requirements. Using the integrated load management technology, four individual HVAC loads can be managed with no additional accessories required.

Accessory Kit G0074100 can be use to make this switch Tamper Proof.

This switch features a 5 year limited warranty.

Service Entrance Rated

A service entrance disconnect is a device that interrupts excessive voltage and allows for manually disconnecting your home or business from the electrical utility.

Integrated Meter Socket

Switches featuring the integrated meter are designed to be an all-in-one solution, and have a smaller footprint than installations with a separate meter base and transfer switch.

Intelligent Load Management

Manage up to four HVAC loads with no additonal hardware needed, providing a more efficient system, and allowing you to reduce the size of the generator needed to protect your home.

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