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Homelink 30A MTS w/ Power Inlet Box Resin

Model #6853

Generac’s Home Link Upgradeable Manual Transfer Switch is a pre-wired electrical device that’s installed next to your home’s circuit panel. During an outage, it delivers power to hard-wired appliances (such as furnace, well pump and lights) with the push of a button, safely and easily eliminating the need for multiple extension cords. It comes standard with 8 circuits, expandable to 10 circuits. When you’re ready to install an automatic home standby generator, a certified electrician will change out the panel located in the Home Link with an automatic switch upgrade panel and new faceplate and it’s ready to be connected to a home standby generator (11 kW maximum).

  • Upgradeable so it can later be converted to an automatic home standby transfer switch

  • Power source indicator lights inform you when you have utility or generator power present

  • Powers hard-wired appliances such as your furnace, well pump and lights

  • 8 circuits, expandable to 10 circuits; accepts standard, tandem, GFCI and arc fault breakers

  • Works with generators equipped with GFCI outlets (no switch neutral accessory kit required)

  • Prevents dangerous back-feeding to avoid injuring utility line workers

  • Pre-wired for quick and easy installation

  • Kit contains power inlet box, conduit, cord with 30-Amp plug

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