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PowerPro Dealer

Generac Power Pro Dealer. … This distinction is the highest level available for a Generac residential / commercial dealer. It is only open to those dealers that meet the most rigorous set of sales and customer service criteria.

Cove Generators Sales & Service is an Authorized Power Pro Premier Generac Dealer and service provider of Generac Automatic Standby Generators.  We install standby generators capable of restoring full power to your business or home so you can have electricity when power is lost due to inclement weather, mechanical failure, or infrastructure failure.  That’s “Peace of Mind”.   The need for continuous power is ever increasing, providing safety & convenience. Security systems, telephones, and computers all require continuous electricity. Refrigerators/freezers, sump pumps, garage doors need to operate for your convenience and comfort. Having a furnace operate in cold weather during an electrical outage is a necessity in order to prevent pipes from freezing and for your comfort.  A natural gas or propane powered Standby Generator can be sized to meet your home or business’s essential needs. Cove Generators employs trained and certified technicians and installers that plan and implement the utilization of your standby generator.  We can install an outdoor standby Generator with transfer switch that will provide and maintain uninterrupted electrical service.

Contact Cove Generators today for a no-obligation consultation to better assess your generator needs.

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